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pleasure rooms

Following this first geometric study born from the idea of an improbable encounter, intended to be "fusional", Patrick Toby goes further by expressing through his new collection "Pleasure Rooms" the intense extensions of fusional love.

A sensory and sensual journey, from one room to another, from one experience to another, to dare, to deviate and to intoxicate each other.

Patrick summons us or sends us back to our own secrets of love, to our tangential pleasures, ... let us get drunk and imagine our bodies sweating in these mysterious rooms.


The image of the fusional couple is found on each artwork is symbolised by an assembly of gradations of rectangles in warm and deep tones from orange to red.

From left to right.

Line 01 : Room 210 . Room 211 . Room 212 . Room 213

Line 02 : The Dungeon . Hotel Amour Suite L . Hotel Amour Suite R . Pleasure Sensor

Line 03 : Room 404 . Room 405

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