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Patrick (Alsen) Toby is a Belgian artist living and working in Brussels.


He is known for his modern chiaroscuro compositions that merge artistic traditions and technology. He handles the juxtaposition of colours, shapes and transparencies while distilling a strange voluptuousness that he keeps intense and secret. 


Its spatial and architectural approach offers a truly unique aesthetic that invites us into an almost meditative experience.


Inspired by his many travels, whatever they may be, and his life as a scenographer, he creates geometrical and abstract artworks recalling vibrant, confusing, sometimes happy...and often nocturnal moments.


Each composition is the result of an encounter, an experience, a place or a fact, from Zanzibar to Foz Do Uguacu, from the Teatro Amazonas in Manaus to the Ochaya in Kyoto, from Brussels to Brussels ... but sometimes also, a pure inspiration, avowable or not, whose origin he does not know and that pleases him.


Against all odds, he continues to travel, explore, paint and share.

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