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pleasure rooms

i have created these rooms in which stories take place

and live.

Patrick (Alsen) Toby is a Belgian artist who lives and works in Brussels.

He is known for his modern chiaroscuro compositions that merge artistic traditions and technology. He handles the juxtaposition of colours, shapes and transparencies with a strange voluptuousness that he keeps intense and secret.

His spatial and architectural approach offers a truly unique aesthetic that invites us into a quasi-meditative experience.

Inspired by his many travels, whatever they may be, and his life as a scenographer, he creates his geometric and abstract works recalling his vibrant, confusing, sometimes happy... and often nocturnal moments.

Each composition is the result of an encounter, an experience, a place or a fact, but sometimes also of a pure inspiration, avowed or not, whose origin he does not know, which is not to his displeasure.

Against all odds, he continues to explore, paint and share.

the chiaroscuro's project - act 1

is the pure fruit of his imagination, his sensations and probably his fantasies. In a chiaroscuro atmosphere, an improbable meeting on Paul Deschanel Avenue...

A crescendo of feelings, situations and questioning occurs throughout his compositions.

The clash of impulses, the attachment, the fusion, the love, the caress, the escape, the error, the link, the shared risk, the delicate perversion, the tenderness and the heart always in the right place.

In 8 works he expresses an ideal of love with its upsets and joys. It's up to each of us to let our minds and our shivers wander.

pleasure rooms - act 2

Following this first geometric study born from the idea of an improbable encounter, intended to be "fusional" and exhibited in December 2022, Patrick Toby goes further by expressing through his new collection "Pleasure Rooms" the intense extensions of fusional love.

A sensory and sensual journey, from one room to another, from one experience to another, to dare, to deviate and to intoxicate each other.

Patrick summons us or sends us back to our own secrets of love, to our tangential pleasures, ... let us get drunk and imagine our bodies sweating in these mysterious rooms.


The image of the fusional couple is found on each artwork is symbolised by an assembly of gradations of rectangles in warm and deep tones from orange to red.


Limited editions of only six plus two artist's proofs.

The buyer can choose between different formats up to two metres

Each artwork can also be finished with three layers of epoxy varnish.

Each artwork is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a dedicated mood board which makes each issue unique.

Room 212.png

room 210

room 211

room 212

room 213

TWINS RIGHT_edited.jpg

hotel amour first floor

TWINS LEFT_edited.jpg

hotel amour penthouse


fusion with her


fusion with him

POLE 2 P.png

room 404

POLE 01 P.png

room 405


the dungeon

of love







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